Database Backups and Restore (Basic)

Your website more than likely has a database storing the information (content) that is presented on the website.  This is especially true of your website includes a Content Management System (CMS). 

Most hosting services, GoDaddy included, offer robust backup solutions that are implemented in the event of the lost off data or a database server (computer).  But this does not guarantee that all of your information will be restored. 

We offer periodic Database Backups so that your information is protected in the event of a data loss.  We can only provide this level of service to our Premium and Enterprise Service Plan holders due to the amount of effort involved in creating and maintaining database backups. 

 If this is a service that you are interested in but is not offered with your service plan, please let us know.  We will review your website and determine the level of protection that your website requires based upon your business needs.